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   I found myself in a little dull room with a phase in front. It resembled a performance center or the like. There was a band playing. A band I went there to see. In any case, it began to feel more like they were there to see me. Maybe my whole life was driving me to this spot, as of now, to see this band, with these individuals. All that in my life was adding up. I should do this and nothing had been all the more clear. The primary level introduced itself. It was startling. As everything went dark with the exception of the stage, all of the musicians transformed into a similar individual. I get it helped that every last one of them had a major, shaggy facial hair. They were playing instruments, however it appeared to be more similar to a language. They were showing me something, however I didn't have any idea what yet. My whole existence was uncovered. I felt as though I had no control over my body. My legs and arms were weighty and my eyes continued to close despite the fact that I was totally animated by the melodic energy being tossed at me. Contemplations started to enter my head. "I will fall over" "I'm wild" "This isn't typical" "I will toss up..isn't that something that can occur? Goodness, it's occurring to me. I will be wiped out." "Goodness, here it comes!" [Opens mouth to yawn… ] "Goodness, it was only a yawn!" "I'm fine! I control my body, subsequently I decide to areas of strength for be in charge." While this self-talk took me for a twist, I eventually traversed the main awkward flood of my excursion. Then, at that point, Shoshanna, my sweetheart who was with me, brings up a phony owl nonchalantly sitting on one of the speakers at the rear of the stage. As I visually connect with the owl, I start to have a few negative considerations. Considerations like, "he sees me, the owl knows. The savvy owl knows it all and I'm totally uncovered." A tad until I had the option to occupy myself from checking the owl out. He'll appear later in the evening… Example one This first level showed me that I get to pick how this experience goes. Similarly as I had this acknowledgment, level two started. Level Two Things began to feel somewhat dull or negative. My response to this feeling was obviously, "My goodness, I'm having a terrible excursion!" Indeed, this won't ever help. The music turned out to be so high pitch and uproarious that maybe an animal was shouting in both of my ears. Not cool… It was so clearly and frightening that there was nothing left but to give up to it. Illustration two Along these lines, illustration two was learned and level two was finished. The commotion disappeared and the music returned. I discovered that I should give up to the experience as opposed to attempting to control it or battle it. The quicker you give up, the faster you'll discover that illustration. Level Three As I stand there panning across the stage at the 4 artists and their astounding instruments, I begin to turn out to be extremely drained. I contemplate internally, "I can't nod off, that sounds so humiliating! Individuals would realize I was stumbling. Individuals would gaze and ridicule me. I could try and be thrown out or cause problems!" "Be cool… be cool." This thought seldom helps either since your psyche likes to pull pranks on you and do the specific inverse of everything you say to it to. I then saw two individuals in the column before me were plunking down. I understood they were presumably on a comparable excursion that I was. One of them was resting, truth be told! So I accepted this as support to just a tad. I could scarcely see the band and could now see every one individuals around me moving and living it up. For what reason would I be able to do that! "I'm a slacker," I thought. I stayed there for most likely 5 additional minutes or so as I changed my body in the seat like clockwork. At last, I took a gander at the person who was staying in bed front of me, told myself "he surrendered, I won't surrender," and remained strong with certainty and power. As I stood up, I had areas of strength for a line of sight that must depicted as come up out of a damnation like spot and coming into a positive space. I could particularly see that the dozing man was still in that damnation and I believed him should come up to where I was. About a moment later his companion awakened him and he stood up. I really felt glad for him since he had the option to eliminate himself from that dull spot. 😆 I felt as though he understood this as well and that we were on precisely the same excursion together. I felt areas of strength for very. I flexed my legs and abs and feeling entire in my body. Feeling as though I could do anything on the off chance that I essentially considered it. Illustration three This was the finish of the third level. I discovered that I should confront my feelings of trepidation and acknowledge the demand, not back down just on the grounds that it's unnerving. For the following 10-20 minutes I sort of went all through various feelings and responses, yet at the same nothing excessively extreme. I began to see a pattern. This was whenever I first understood that I was going through various levels and every one had an example for me to learn. I began paying special attention to the following example which was somewhat startling. "Try not to a great many people simply have fun!? For what reason mightn't?" Level Four — Set Break I was unable to let you know how long the principal set was. In any case, on the off chance that I needed to figure, it was likely barely an hour or somewhere in the vicinity. Evidently, groups who play shows, for example, this one enjoy set reprieves in the show [this was new to me]. They declare set sever and walk the stage. The lights come on and everybody mingles. 😳 Indeed, this was one more level for me. Perhaps the hardest of all, yet in addition the most significant. Shoshanna was additionally on her most memorable Psilocybin [mushroom] venture as extreme as this one. We started talking. Or then again would it be advisable for me I say, she started talking and I attempted energetically to tune in. I battled with correspondence. I would be very intrigued to hear what she needed to say however would lose track not long after she started talking. I think this had something to do with me being hyper-mindful about everything to the place where I was unable to handle each thing in turn. I would hear her initial not many sentences and afterward blur into profound inward contemplated what was befalling me, on the off chance that it was ordinary, what it implied, and how lengthy it would endure. I would contemplate my appearance and what I recently said. "Am I seeming to be OK? Am I communicating in English? Might it be said that she is communicating in English?" "For what reason is that person seeing me, does he realize I'm stumbling?" I was likewise attempting to appear as though I had everything taken care of. This was the very issue. She kept on discussing the show and the music and how astounding it was [one of her most loved bands]. "Are you discussing the music or… ." I said. "I'm discussing exactly the same thing no doubt about it." She would agree. 😯 I would snicker in astonishment to the way that we were both pondering a very profound subject despite the fact that it seemed like she was simply discussing the way in which she preferred the music. This started an ever changing clairvoyant collaboration where I felt as though we were in a real sense thinking exactly the same thing. I have faith in numerous ways we really were. This Next Part is Difficult to Make sense of Shoshanna started to make sense of how everybody there is associated. How everybody is both cognizant and human in the most gorgeous manner. I began interpreting this as meaning we were not really human, yet a whole lot more. 👽 I could ask her things like, "why are we in this human structure? Why bother with this [sounds frightening I know, yet it was a totally controlled thought]. She would proceed to make sense of that we are as yet human. Simply significantly more to is being human than we suspected. I recall it taking me some time to completely grasp this idea, yet when I did it was historic. 😵 I started to see this experience as a mystery club that you could get into by confronting your feelings of dread, bringing down your human walls, and opening up your spirit to cherish and light. Or on the other hand taking Psilocybin mushrooms. I felt respected to be there at long last. I would check out the theater to see others checking out as was I. Maybe everyone in the room was going through the thing I was going through and making similar acknowledge. I would try and visually engage for certain individuals and feel as though we were conveying clairvoyantly. I started to encounter monstrous love for everything and everybody. A great deal of the fight in this level was relinquishing the 'human stuff.' For instance, my hair would fall into my face and my response was to fix it immediately before anybody perceived how moronic it looked. Then I would agree, "goodness better believe it, I'm human, who cares!" As I began to relinquish my self image and frailties, I become more joyful and could partake in the outing more. "Furthermore, we're back," Shoshanna said as the light darkened and the band strolled back out. Level Five I saw a reasonable break between the levels as of now. The initial not many levels were the hardest. The set break resembled going over a test to perceive how I did and what I realized. The final part was downright astounding and merry. I was adoring and giggling [otherwise know as loaghing] at each little acknowledgment I had. I could hardly imagine how I didn't have the foggiest idea or see any of this as of recently. I would become mixed up in the music. Particularly the guitarist. Since I play the guitar, I had a unique association with him and the manner in which he played. It was quieting. Remember, this is a jam band. So at whatever point there were words, I would here precisely exact thing I expected to hear. Each verse would some way or another associate with my life and guide me some place. Some of the time I could with certainty make out was he was saying and different times I heard just commotions however knew precisely exact thing he was saying. There were no genuine difficulties in this level. All things considered, I had the option to impart this wonderful experience to Shoshanna while during the principal set I needed to be let be. Level Six — Outing to The Restroom "I need to pee." I shared with Shoshanna. As though she had some noteworthy arrangement that didn't include me strolling to t


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